Your Views: Meaning of T.C. Williams has changed

Your Views: Meaning of T.C. Williams has changed
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To the editor:

How about we remove the shame but keep the name and rededicate the school T.C. Williams to honor all of the students, teachers, administrators and coaches who have changed what that name means over the past 50 years?

I honestly was not aware until this issue arose that Williams was a segregationist, but I do believe that the legacy of the past half century overshadows his non-inclusive ideals and demonstrates how diversity can work and be successful.

Given today’s even greater diversity among Alexandrians and the Titan student body, keeping and honoring that achievement seems more appropriate than ever to serve as a benchmark and goal for future Titans to carry on. Changing the name erases so much that so many have worked for to redefine the meaning of that name.

Just one alum’s opinion.

-Timothy Fahey, Class of 1978