Bathroom startup uses technology to save homeowners money

Bathroom startup uses technology to save homeowners money

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Type “Why are bathroom renovations” into Google and the first result suggested is “…so expensive.”  After saving for a new home, home improvement projects are the most common reason Americans save money.

Most people believe having a bathroom that makes them happy is a worthwhile investment, yet are surprised by how much it costs.

Why is renovating a 40 square foot space so costly? Pricey fixtures and the specialized skills required are partly to blame. However, some costs are embedded within the industry:

  • “Free” Quotes Are Expensive: On average, contractors spend 25% of their time building quotes for jobs they will not win. Those costs need to be recouped.
  • Expense Overestimation: Whether purposeful, unintentional, or a little bit of both- contractors often significantly overestimate the cost of materials and effort on a project.
  • Professional Design: Having a professional design your bathroom is considered a luxury service and carries a luxury price tag.
  • Limited Visualization Opportunity: Consumer Reports identifies a primary cause of price overruns as homeowners who change their mind regarding finishes or colors after they have been applied.

In 2016, remodeling industry veteran, Chad Hall, believed these inefficiencies could be eliminated by taking advantage of emerging technologies – and founded remodelmate.

Eliminating the time-consuming process of in-home quotes, remodelmate gives homeowners free access to an app which uses advanced smartphone camera technology to generate a near-perfect 3D model of their existing bathroom. The scan is then applied to a quote-building system, generating a final labor price for the customer as well as a precise materials list for the contractor- eliminating overestimation.

To address the professional design and visualization issues, remodelmate employs CGI (computer-generated imagery) to apply homeowner color and finish selections to a model of their new bathroom. The results are photo-quality images showing the customer exactly what their new bathroom will look like before construction begins.

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