Your Views: Old Town is not New York

Your Views: Old Town is not New York
(Photo by Aleksandra Kochurova)

To the editor:

City Council, please stop approving high rises in Old Town. The almost finished Robinson Landing is so high it has blocked the water view from three blocks on South Union Street. And you have approved a 500-seat restaurant. Do you think this is New York City? Now the Muse in Old Town North will be how many stories high? 

The BAR recently rejected plans for the Heritage, which was going to be 755 units. That’s great but now I understand it’s on the docket again to be considered. Please don’t approve 755 units. This is not NYC.

I have lived in three charming houses in Old Town, including a historic one. Most people we know in Old Town live here because they love the small, historic nature of the town. The recent building seems to be all about revenue and acquiring taxes. Please stop or you will lose residents like me and our friends who don’t want to be staring at the side of a building. These apartments and condos should not be in Old Town.

Stop the huge buildings! 

-Caren Camp, Alexandria