Your Views: All should battle for healthy streams

Your Views: All should battle for healthy streams
The Taylor Run stream that runs through Chinquapin Park. (Photo/Missy Schrott)

To the editor:

Wikipedia is the World’s Encyclopedia, so I returned to on July 14, 2020 and added this information and reference 38:

“The NCD [natural channel design] method has been misapplied to small-order, interior-forested, upper-headwater streams and wetlands in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Region where this method needlessly destroyed parts of natural forest ecosystems.”

Since I added this information, Wikipedia edited it and somewhat changed what I wrote, but left in the reference. I add that in the lucrative U.S. stream-restoration business, some companies have “restored” many streams without adequately using informative conservation, ecological and geological knowledge and understanding of the streams.

Every natural stream is a unique living museum of Earth’s challenged biodiversity.

-Edward M. Barrows, Professor of Biology, Georgetown University