What is the average cost of rodent control in Northern Virginia?

What is the average cost of rodent control in Northern Virginia?

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Nothing is more disconcerting than discovering evidence of rodents in or around your home. Besides the creepy-crawly factor, there is the real concern that rodents carry diseases and bacteria that can affect your family and pets.

But what is the cost of rodent control?

The average cost for rodent control varies by location. A few factors will determine what you will pay to have your home cleared of these common household pests. Keep reading to learn more.

Why call a rodent control professional?

If you see a mouse or rat scurry across your kitchen, your first thought after shrieking is likely how many of them are present in your home. Is it a single little mouse that gained entry, or is this one part of a larger infestation already underway?

Many people make the mistake of assuming it is the first and set a trap or two, believing the situation will take care of itself. But before you start baiting those traps instead of calling a rodent removal specialist, consider the behavior of rodents.

By nature, mice and rats prefer to stay in dark areas where they can hide and stay safe. If you are seeing one out in the open, it may be because the rodent population in your home is already well established. The overpopulation is forcing individuals to move out of their comfy hiding spots to seek new ones.

You may think that there is no way an infestation could have happened so quickly without you noticing. However, rodents are prolific breeders. One adult female can produce five to seven litters annually, and those little ones will reach sexual maturity and begin reproducing their own litters within four to seven weeks of age.

Besides the health concerns of a rodent infestation, there is also the integrity of your home to consider. Rodents will chew through wood, insulation, plastic and almost any other material to create pathways and access for themselves, leaving behind droppings that can create mold. In other words, besides just creeping you out, they wreak havoc on the structural integrity of a house.

The cost of rodent control

The average cost of rodent control varies from $170 to $300, depending on the location and services required.

A rodent removal specialist will be able to assess the scale of the infestation and determine what the best plan of action is for your home. Each situation is unique. What you pay will depend on how bad the infestation is, whether multiple visits are required and the depth of services required.

Because you will pay more to deal with more in-depth infestations, it makes sense to call a rodent removal specialist when you first see one instead of waiting and risking a larger situation a few weeks down the road.

Say goodbye to rodents in your home

Rodents carry disease and bacteria that can make you seriously ill and damage the structural integrity of your home, and they multiply quickly. The cost of rodent control is worth avoiding the issues that come along with an infestation.