Your Views: Name Maury after Sarah Brady

Your Views: Name Maury after Sarah Brady
Photo/Cody Mello-Klein

To the editor:

Upon reading the resume provided by the Office of the Superintendent to people voting on renaming Matthew Maury Elementary School, it appears that significant items were omitted. For example:

Sarah Brady was a fighter for racial justice and educational equality. She began her professional career as an Alexandria public elementary school teacher in 1965 at Ficklin Elementary School during a tumultuous time in Alexandria’s history. She had her personal safety and that of her students threatened on several occasions.

Sarah, as a young teacher, exhibited great loyalty and courage. Despite threats to her personal safety, she remained a loyal teacher at Ficklin Elementary School for four years. She knew she had a positive impact on her students who consistently told her throughout the turmoil “they would protect her.”

Sarah was a woman of integrity, character and concern for others. She learned these values from her family, fellow teachers and the professors at the College of William and Mary, where she earned a degree in elementary education.

Naming a school for a woman of national stature whose good deeds enhanced the safety of more than 300 million Americans would be inspirational to both our students and teachers.

Sarah Brady was one of Alexandria’s and America’s finest. The Alexandria Public School system educated her and provided her cultural values. Millions of people throughout our country respected her and admired her for her extraordinary achievement.

-The Reverend Dr. George Pera, Debbie and Jerry File, Alexandria