Your Views: PTA should support all parents

Your Views: PTA should support all parents
A student participates in distance learning. (File Photo)

To the editor:

As you may know, parents are struggling, kids are in crisis and the lack of leadership in ACPS to help them is inexcusable.

It is my understanding that everyone who supports the opening of schools believes our teachers are amazing and have gone above and beyond their professional duty.

While many “were able to transition … to the virtual business world,” a majority of city residents aren’t afforded such a luxury.

Shouldn’t the PTA be supporting those not as fortunate and struggling with Virtual+? Sadly, instead of supporting all parents, the PTA is choosing to support only those having success in Virtual+.

Kids are in crisis and “understand[ing] that in-person is best … for most kids” does nothing to support the majority of the community for whom Virtual+ is unsustainable. ACPS’ own research shows kids are failing more than ever.

Further, the assumption ACPS is following guidelines is wrong. Dr. Anthony Fauci along with nearly every leading medical journal and association says in-person learning is best and is safe with mitigations.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says unequivocally “a school at the … highest risk of transmission, does not mean that the school cannot re-open for in-person learning.”

My hope is the PTA will follow its mission and support all families, those choosing Virtual+ and those for whom in-person would serve their families best.

-Gina Baum, ACPS parent