Sheriff Lawhorne to retire at end of 2021

Sheriff Lawhorne to retire at end of 2021
Dana and Linda Lawhorne. (Photo/Louise Krafft)

By Allison Hageman |

Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne announced on Monday that he is retiring after 43 years in law enforcement when his term expires at the end of 2021, according to a news release.

Lawhorne, a lifetime Alexandria resident, became sheriff in 2006 after serving 27 years in the Alexandria Police Department. In a statement, Lawhorne said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve the city.

“This is a difficult decision because it is hard to leave a job that you love and are still passionate about,” Lawhorne said.

In his statement, Lawhorne noted the many contributions he made to the city. During his tenure as sheriff, Lawhorne expanded educational opportunities for inmates, including around job training, increased law enforcement training for his staff and kickstarted the department’s community outreach efforts such as the Civic Association Liaison Program.

“I always believed my strength was to hear others, and in my capacity as Sheriff, I have been thankful for the opportunity to listen and to learn from our community members, our staff, our inmates, and other public safety leaders,” Lawhorne said in a statement.

Despite his retirement, Lawhorne and his wife will continue to be active members of the Alexandria community, according to the release.