Your Views: We all need classical music right now

Your Views: We all need classical music right now
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To the editor:

The story “Single complaint, lengthy permitting process jettison classical concert series” by Cody Mello-Klein in the Feb. 25 Alexandria Times struck a chord with me.

As a former piano teacher, I can personally speak to the healing and unifying nature of classical music. It gently, beautifully silences the clamor of politics, pandemic and personal tragedy that mark our lives. To perform well is to intimately bare one’s soul; to listen well is to be vulnerable to the reception of what the performer offers, and any changes it may bring to you. Such a unifying experience is precisely what we long for in this time of muted loneliness.

To Classical Movements: Keep on keepin’ on. We’re on your side and I promise we’ll buy tickets if you host concerts.

To the police officer who acknowledged “There’s no crime being committed here. We’ve got a lot of other things to do.” You’re right – thank you for being a voice of reason and a public servant with a heart.

To the city permitting office: I work in a government office and know the red tape and bureaucracy that fill your days. But please, don’t sacrifice your humanity for the paperwork. Even from a business perspective, outdoor classical music concerts are low-cost, high-return ventures. Grant the permit for all performances this year. We are thirsty for experiences that take us outdoors and out of ourselves. Please, let us have it!

And as for the complaint maker: I offer beginner piano lessons, if you’d like to learn more about the beauty you are squelching.

-Caitlin Buchheit, Alexandria