Your Views: My vote is for James Lewis

Your Views: My vote is for James Lewis
James Lewis (Courtesy photo)

To the editor:

On April 5, I heard all 13 Democratic candidates for City Council at the Alex Dems Straw Poll event. It was a wonder to behold – a diverse and accomplished pool of talent.

So, I wanted to hear who was really listening. My vote goes to number five on the ballot – James Lewis.

It’s one thing to come with experience and a pack of plans for the city to do – we all have those. But it’s quite another to hear the pain points of residents and shop owners as our city changes and then make sure that all the people and ideas come together to make that pain go away. That’s what I heard from Jim Lewis and it’s what I’ve seen him do in North Old Town.

Residents here were freaked out about parking and bike safety on congested streets. Lewis listened and from his perch as a member of the Traffic and Parking Board, he brought together city staff, shop owners and neighbors to find the best solution.

The result was a win-win-win in one meeting. He also created a path for us all to work together to solve what surely will be challenges ahead as North Old Town adds more people and destinations in our .335 square miles of Alexandria.

So, one of my City Council votes is definitely for number five, James Lewis. He listens hard and he works even harder to bring people together to find the best way forward.

In addition to transportation, I’m pretty sure Lewis will put his “engagement” superpower to work on development, open space, affordable housing, flooding and stormwater management and making Alexandria a nurturing home for all of us.

-Mary Harris, Alexandria