Spring2ACTion 101: Get ready to help your community

Spring2ACTion 101: Get ready to help your community
(Photo Credit: ACT for Alexandria)

By Brandi Yee

Hosted by ACT for Alexandria, Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s biggest fundraising event. Since 2011, nearly 75,000 donors have given $13 million dollars to 160 nonprofits through Spring2ACTion, making it one of the most successful citywide giving days in the country.

Brandi Yee (Courtesy photo)

Last year, which was Spring2ACTion’s 10-year anniversary, 8,500 donors gave $2.45 million to 156 nonprofits serving Alexandria.

This year, Spring2ACTion is on April 28, and we’re setting our sights on an even more ambitious goal. We aim to get 10,000 donors to give more than $2.5 million to the 150 organizations helping to make Alexandria a strong, healthy and vibrant community for all. For more information, visit www.spring2action.org.

What is Spring2ACTion?

Spring2ACTion is a 24-hour online giving event that inspires individuals to make a difference in the Alexandria community by connecting them to local causes they’re passionate about on an easy-to-use giving platform. As an online community-wide event, Spring2ACTion provides an opportunity for Alexandrians to come together, uplift one another and support the organizations that serve this community during the best of times – and the most challenging circumstances.

As you can imagine, many nonprofits are continuing to see an increase in needs and challenges brought on by the pandemic. Many organizations have had to pivot their programs from in person to online, reduce staff and face decreases in funding. Spring2ACTion has been a lifeline for organizations to continue their operations during the pandemic.

Why should I give?

Spring2ACTion is a way to celebrate and support the nonprofits that make Alexandria a better place for everyone. Plus, your gift could be matched and help your favorite nonprofit win a prize. If you’re new to giving, this is a great opportunity to find a new organization to support. Everyone can give, starting at a minimum donation of $5.

To whom should I give?

Your favorite nonprofit(s). Visit the Spring2ACTion site for a list of participating organizations. Don’t know where to give? Use the search function to see the city’s different nonprofits based on causes you care about. You can also support COVID-19 relief in our community by selecting the Alexandria Resilience Fund.

What is the impact of my gift?

Every dollar makes a difference; that’s the power of collective action. Last year’s funds supported: an emergency shelter; virtual and outdoor dance and movement classes; groceries and meals for families; supplies for virtual afterschool programming; financial assistance for rent and utilities; refurbished computers and internet hot spots; COVID-19 testing and much more.

Where should I give?

Donate online at www.Spring2ACTion.org. You can give through your computer, tablet or via your smartphone. When should I give? While the official day for this online giving extravaganza is April 28, early giving is going on now. It’s kind of like early voting, but you can give early and often.

How can I help?

In addition to giving online to your favorite nonprofit(s) and learning about new ones, there are a few other ways to help the community during Spring2ACTion.

Support Alexandria’s local businesses by visiting Spring2ACTion’s events page to see fun promotions like a free donut from Elizabeth’s Counter for donors. Proceeds from sales at shops in the Old Town Boutique District and meals from HomeGrown Restaurant Group will go a long way toward helping as well. There are additional prize incentives from Penny Post, Red Barn Mercantile and more local businesses.

Follow @ACTforAlexandria on Facebook, @ACTforAlex on Twitter or @actforalexandria on Instagram for updates.

Who else is giving?

The local business community is participating in a Business Fundraiser mini competition, rallying their employees, clients and customers to give to organizations they love and discover new ones. New this year will be a friendly competition between the Old Town Business Association and the Del Ray Business Association to see who can raise the most dollars and donors for Alexandria nonprofits. Many others will support Alexandria’s giving day by offering food promotions and donating a percentage of sales to local nonprofit organizations.

Join us for Spring2ACTion on April 28 as we stand together in solidarity and give back generously to the community we love.

The writer is chief program officer at ACT for Alexandria. For more information, visit www.Spring2ACTion.org or contact Brandi Yee at brandi.yee@actforalexandria.org