Your Views: Defending Classical Movements

Your Views: Defending Classical Movements
Guests applauding at an outdoor concert hosted by Classical Movements. Courtesy photo.

To the editor:

I was both dismayed and saddened by the recent letter published from Guy Lamolinara regarding Classical Movements. Many of the facts presented in his letter were misleading and largely untrue. For example, most of the programs sponsored by Classical Movements are in fact just one hour each – typically spread a few hours apart on a Saturday. Two hours total.

And fortunately, most of the attendees left their “rock and roll stage” a long time ago and are all rather somber. The large events are few and far between. Due to the pandemic, the crowds are kept to a minimum at all events.

The process for approval of this venue followed the same public process with the same level of integrity as others, with support provided from many other neighbors. Lamolinara is indeed in closer proximity to the venue than most of us – but I would urge him to refocus his concern.

His current goal appears to be getting retribution by making paying customers suffer as he believes he is. Rather than putting his energy into disrupting the programs, as he has during the two one-hour shows I’ve attended – e.g., yelling loudly in his yard during chamber music, banging pots during opera – I would instead invite friends over to take advantage of the proximity. We are all paying good money to hear artists of this caliber and he would be able to enjoy it all for free!

It’s especially unfortunate that the artists are equally impacted. We’ve all had to make sacrifices during the pandemic and the arts industry was hit especially hard. Artists are struggling to survive.

I personally am far more concerned about the level of activity and noise associated with the imminent Sunrise facility also adjacent to his property, with its hundreds of residents utilizing outdoor spaces.

I do hope Lamolinara finds ways to enjoy reading a book and have conversations while Mozart or light jazz plays in the background. And I hope that Classical Movements continues to bring joy to so many people in the community we all share and love.

-Laura Rodin, Alexandria