Your Views: Police Review Board needs revising

Your Views: Police Review Board needs revising
Photo/Missy Schrott

To the editor:

The obviously biased composition of the proposed Police Review Board is remarkable. Of the six voting members, four are clearly reserved for persons likely skeptical of police actions.

How “historically marginalized” is defined and determined is not stated and is a very ill-defined category. Why the seventh member is non-voting is troublesome. One hopes that it is not meant to deny real representation to the only member required to have “previous experience in law enforcement.”

The presence of persons from marginalized communities is understandable and desirable. That the “marginalized” membership has a clear working super-majority does not enhance a feeling of evenhandedness toward the police.

This will make the board’s findings unnecessarily suspect. Significant revision is required.

-David A. Norcross, Alexandria