Your Views: Allison, a much better alternative

Your Views: Allison, a much better alternative
Photo Credit: Missy Schrott

To the editor:

When I moved to Old Town, it was for the charm, quiet streets and beautiful historic homes. But Alexandria became more than that – it became a home where I loved my neighbors, neighborhood and historic townhouse.

Unfortunately, after years of politicians who don’t understand density and environmental impact issues, I left my beloved adopted city. Why? Because I grew tired of the dump trucks, earthmovers, ditch diggers, traffic and constant noise from the heavy equipment barreling down my street and shaking my more than 100-year-old historic home – adding cracks and damage that we were promised would never happen.

I also grew tired of the dismissive attitude of our mayor, Justin Wilson, the city staff and several members of council to concerns brought up by my neighbors and me regarding the issues we were experiencing from all the development in Old Town. Instead, we were told we were outside the city’s pre-determined “impact area,” so there was nothing they could do.

I was tired of Wilson’s dismissive attitude toward his constituents – many women – including those on council and others I know who have approached him about issues. And I was tired of him and the city manager misleading the public about critical issues in front of the city. As examples, I give you the charade around the $1 million Seminary Road diet, adult housing on school property and the destruction of our green tree canopy.

Recently, I heard Wilson was being challenged in the upcoming mayoral race. It’s about time! Although I am no longer a resident, I was thrilled to hear that an alternate candidate had emerged.

A strong Democrat with all the experience and passion a city like Alexandria needs but not cozy with developers. A candidate who believes in transparency, ethics and working with her constituents, not against them. A candidate that Alexandria desperately needs at this critical time in our city’s growth.

That candidate is Allison Silberberg. I will be supporting her regardless of where I live, and I encourage every resident of Alexandria to do the same.

Hoping to return to a great city with a great mayor.

-Denise Morse, New Orleans