Your Views: Allison for mayor

Your Views: Allison for mayor
Photo Credit: Missy Schrott

To the editor:

I am a long-time Alexandria resident and I have known Allison Silberberg since 1992 when we worked on Capitol Hill together. I have followed her career in Alexandria very closely. Silberberg is bright and is an extremely hard worker. She has great leadership abilities and is an active listener.

Silberberg is running to be Alexandria’s next mayor. One of the biggest issues in the mayoral race is the narrowing of Seminary Road, commonly referred to as the “road diet.” Allison is opposed to the road diet for this stretch of road and if elected mayor would work to restore the vital travel lanes.

In 2019, Mayor Justin Wilson led the effort to change Seminary Road, which was a major arterial road leading to our only hospital. This action reduced the travel lanes from two lanes each way to one lane in each way. Thirteen civic associations from across our city, representing thousands of Alexandria residents, joined forces as never before to object strongly to this road diet. There were good reasons for their strong opposition. Seminary Road is a major road that leads to Alexandria’s only hospital.

This road diet has resulted in increased travel time getting to the hospital, and time is critical when getting someone to the hospital’s emergency room. In addition, the diet has increased congestion, especially during rush hour. The leaders of these civic associations met with Wilson to discuss their objections and he didn’t listen and was very dismissive.

If elected mayor, Silberberg would utilize her intelligence, hard work, leadership skills and listening abilities for the benefit of all Alexandrians. Allison Silberberg deserves to be elected mayor. I strongly support her candidacy.

-Alan Cohen, Alexandria