Your Views: In support of Classical Movements

Your Views: In support of Classical Movements
Audience members are required to wear masks and are seated at least 6 feet apart at Classical Movements' concerts. (Photo/Classical Movements)

To the editor:

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of support for Classical Movements and their outdoor concert series at the Rectory on Princess Street. I recently moved to Old Town and was thrilled to find a house only a block from this delightful venue.

As an avid supporter of live musical performance, I was even more thrilled to have the opportunity to support their top-notch musical offerings last year while COVID-19 had virtually all other live performances shut down. Imagine relocating during COVID-19 and finding yourself in a wonderful, vibrant neighborhood with live NSO concertos virtually out your front door!

However, I understand we have neighbors who object to the performances of professional, internationally acclaimed musicians in our neighborhood, during select and limited times, pursuant to a city variance.

I also understand that one of our neighbors is now offering his own simultaneous performances. I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing them, but understand that the quality is not quite equal to the offerings at the Rectory.

Nonetheless, these clearly are public performances, producing noise, and while it doesn’t sound like they are paid performances, they clearly have a commercial purpose – to reduce the value of the performances offered by Classical Movements.

Therefore, just as Classical Movements was called upon to seek a variance for their performances, it is only appropriate that the city also step in to enjoin the noise from Guy Lamolinara’s property until he succeeds in obtaining a similar variance covering his performances. I look forward to the City Council hearing and have no doubt that I will be joined by a number of neighbors and other patrons.

-Jessica Lefevre, Alexandria