Your Views: Silberberg is authentic

Your Views: Silberberg is authentic
Photo Credit: Missy Schrott

To the editor:

Upon moving to the region 37 years ago, I made the careful decision to locate in the City of Alexandria. I know that this is where I will remain, quite literally, until the day I die. Alexandria is where I finally found a home, and this is where my heart is and always will be.

My house is located in the city. My son was educated in the city. As well, I made the conscious decision to purchase an industrial property for our food manufacturing facility in the City of Alexandria at the suggestion of Allison Silberberg many years ago.

My introduction to Silberberg was at the Old Town Alexandria Farmer’s Market, where our wholesale company has its roots, 35 years ago, on a freezing cold winter Saturday where she approached me and asked, “How has the city been treating you?” Such a genuine sentiment — it really took me by surprise!

We had a long chat that day, and she made it clear that she was undoubtedly interested in learning what was really going on. It’s her mission to find out what really matters to Alexandrians like me.

In all the subsequent years, including the time Silberberg was mayor, her authenticity and unswerving interest in representing matters that concern Alexandrians has been a true beacon of good will. She has led with genuineness and with heart, and has impressed not just me, but a whole brigade of the city’s citizens.

Just like me, the people who have chosen to live and do business in Alexandria have expectations that this is where you go to feel respected and to call home. In that regard, Silberberg is decidedly on the side of every Alexandrian.

Leadership to illustrate authenticity, leadership that listens with genuine interest and respect, leadership that values the heart Alexandrians have planted in their city. Allison Silberberg is the one who really cares what’s going on where you call home!

-Maribeth Nyerges, Alexandria