Your Views: Silberberg’s fine character

Your Views: Silberberg’s fine character
Allison Silberberg (Photo/Cody Mello-Klein)

To the editor:

As you head to the polls for the June 8 Democratic Primary to select a mayoral candidate, there are some basic facts about Allison Silberberg that are extremely important to consider as you vote. I speak of these as one who has witnessed Allison’s fine character through an acquaintance that spans decades.

Allison is one to keep her word. She steadfastly stood by the promises she made in the campaign prior to her first term as mayor. Allison is all about transparency and ethics and fought hard to initiate both during her previous term. A top priority for Allison is offering a constant ear to the concerns of Alexandria’s residents, and there are some very serious issues to contemplate at this time.

Allison is a dedicated environmentalist and has lived in Alexandria for many years to witness the dramatic changes in our tree canopy and the major shrinking of our green space due to thoughtless development. Allison is eager to protect what remains and replace what we have lost when possible. Allison will strive for and endorse smart growth that does not destroy the reasons so many have chosen Alexandria as their home – a place where residents can experience a sense of community and enjoy its preserved and amazing history.

Put quite simply, Allison will strive as mayor to offer a continued quality of life for all who live and work here, as that is her main goal. Without her guidance as mayor, the quality of life we have known in the past will no longer exist in this wonderful city.

-Barbara Fisher, Alexandria