Your Views: Silberberg’s legacy of smart growth

Your Views: Silberberg’s legacy of smart growth
Allison Silberberg (Photo/Cody Mello-Klein)

To the editor:

The City of Alexandria is currently regarded as one of the best places to live, visit and celebrate in America. However, one of the major 21st century challenges facing our city is how to address the urgent need for realistic, environmentally sensitive and fiscally sound growth and community development.

Alexandria is fortunate to have an experienced Democratic candidate, Allison Silberberg, for mayor. She is championing smart growth that is responsible, sensible development, to a scale that takes into account infrastructure and surrounding neighborhoods.

Allison’s demonstrated record includes her leadership to secure the $1 billion Virginia Tech Innovation Campus for Alexandria, a feat that will pay community smart growth dividends for many decades.

I am proud to call Allison a personal friend and professional colleague, whom I hold in the highest esteem.

Allison believes the people of Alexandria have the right to know her factual positions on issues critical to the city. She proved that leadership ethos by directly answering every question in the recent Alexandria Times Voter Guide, including the 10 that required one-word answers.

Her opponent, Justin Wilson, answered four of those one-word questions. His refusal to answer the other six questions, as requested, follows his established pattern of continued lack of transparency, truth and honesty when dealing with major community issues that affect our city.

Like many others who put a premium on proven democracy, transparency, ethics, integrity and uncompromised leadership, my friends and I will proudly cast an informed vote for Allison Silberberg for mayor of Alexandria.

As her 2021 leadership campaign tagline says, “Allison is the mayor you can trust!”

-Tony R. Culley-Foster, Alexandria