Your Views: The introvert who gets things done

Your Views: The introvert who gets things done
Delegate Elizabeth Bennett-Parker. (Courtesy Photo)

To the editor:

It’s hard to pick one reason why I’m excited to vote for Elizabeth Bennett-Parker for the House of Delegates in Virginia’s 45th District.

I could talk about how, on issues across the board, EBP goes the extra mile to deeply understand a situation and make the best choice for the community. She puts in the extra work to learn about the topic at hand and make the most informed decision possible, watches recordings of commission meetings that she wasn’t able to attend in person and reads the detailed reports to learn the intricacies of the situation.

I could share how EBP understands how government functions in such a usefully wonky way that she works the system to ask the right budget questions and get the right items added to meeting dockets in order to keep things moving forward and help make progress on issues that matter.

I could explain how EBP genuinely cares about our community and proves it, by holding regular “volunteer with the vice mayor” events and by problem-solving to ensure public school kids still got free/reduced lunch over spring break. She was able to lead a team of city staff and prepare, distribute and organize delivery for lunches for all those families from the T.C. kitchen.

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker is a hardworking, humble, collaborative, smart introvert who rolls up her sleeves and gets things done. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk – and she’s got my vote on June 8.

-Marta Schantz, Alexandria