Your Views: Wilson is dismissive of voters

Your Views: Wilson is dismissive of voters
Allison Silberberg (Photo/Cody Mello-Klein)

To the editor:

In the May 20 Alexandria Times voter’s guide, both mayoral candidates were asked the same ten questions asking for one-word answers. These questions are critical for Alexandrian voters to assess each candidate’s views and competencies.

One candidate, Allison Silberberg, answered every single question. Justin Wilson answered just four. These questions went to the heart of major issues facing our city, especially unrestrained density, the role of developers and whether to bulldoze Chinquapin Park.

One particularly telling item was the degree (ranked 1 – 10) to which a mayor should consider input “from those most impacted by decisions?” This is a democracy, people. Listening to the citizens affected by city governmental decisions is the fundamental responsibility of a mayor. But Wilson couldn’t bring himself to choose a number. This is outrageous. How is it possible that a candidate in such an important and competitive race can be so dismissive of us voters?

One would think that a candidate for mayor would do everything possible to avoid even the appearance of any behavior that might suggest indifference to the public’s right to know his or her opinion about the issues of the day. Yet only Silberberg has approached Alexandria voters with a clear intent and a thorough and respectful response.

While we might not all agree about the issues facing our city, Silberberg will listen to every side and will provide a straightforward, respectful answer to a question, rather than hide behind a “did not answer” or DNA. She believes that voters have a right to know and that candidates have an obligation to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I will be voting for Silberberg and her efforts to strengthen our democracy through smart growth, environmental stewardship, transparency and a sterling ethical history. Join me in electing Allison Silberberg as our next mayor. As her tagline says, Allison is a mayor you can trust.

-Lyn Gubser, Alexandria