Your Views: A final response to Classical Movements

Your Views: A final response to Classical Movements
Guests applauding at an outdoor concert hosted by Classical Movements. Courtesy photo.

To the editor:

(Publisher’s note: This is the last letter the Alexandria Times will be printing from any party on the topic of Classical Movements outdoor concerts.)

In response to Neeta Helms’ June 24 letter to the editor:

I’ve had weekly gatherings on my patio since long before the pandemic, before Classical Movements hosted events outdoors.

No, Classical Movements didn’t need a special use permit because of my complaint; it’s a city requirement.

My homeowner’s rights should not be superseded by those of Classical Movements, which only come to them via SUP.

Classical Movements has hosted 66 concerts.

They fail to mention their weddings and other events, with amplified music, which are forbidden by the SUP.

No, the ambient noise of airplanes and birds is not the same as sounds from hourlong events.

Several of those cited as supporting the concerts in fact do not.

How many people support the concerts is irrelevant. None of them live 15-feet from them. These concerts can be heard throughout our home.

No, I am not intentionally disturbing the concerts. What I am doing is called living in my home. It’s my right to use my yard any time. I can sweep my patio any time. I can even play my own music.

Classical Movements undercuts their argument about providing a service during COVID-19. Alexandria has a nearly 70% vaccination rate. People are gathering indoors at full capacity. Who would want to have to check in whenever they want to be outside?

Who wants to tell their friends to keep quiet when they are simply having a conversation? Yes, we laugh a lot! Classical Movements has harassed me and my friends by holding up signs to keep our voices down. They harass us by setting up close to our common fence. Oh, and these concerts go on as late as 9 p.m.

Any lawyer will tell you, the rights of one are not superseded by the wishes of many. I will continue to live in my house as I see fit.

I challenge Classical Movements to do the decent thing and move their events indoors – where they belong.

-Guy Lamolinara, Alexandria