Your Views: ACPS leaders talk, but don’t walk the walk

Your Views: ACPS leaders talk, but don’t walk the walk

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the commentary of Sept. 9, 2021, written by Alexandria School Board Chair Meagan Alderton, entitled “Committed to racial equity.”

In her piece, Alderton writes of equity, and she closes by asserting the importance of “priorities” and “values” and “inclusive practices” in Alexandria City Public Schools.

Unfortunately, Alderton does not mention the fact that she does not include her own children in ACPS, which I do not view as very inclusive. But she is not alone. Dr. Gregory Hutchings, Ed.D., superintendent of ACPS, doesn’t send his children to ACPS either.

This clear lack of concern and commitment to our school system is sad and shameful. Accordingly, I think it’s only fair to ask two relevant questions: First, is ACPS too diverse for Alderton and Hutchings to send their own children to school here? Second, to what extent will they be allowed to profit financially and politically at the expense of our students?

We are all in this together. We need to all work together. But if ACPS is not good enough for the leaders of the school system, how can it ever be good enough for us?

-Francis Carragher, Alexandria