Your Views: Taking exception

Your Views: Taking exception
Terry McAuliffe

To the editor:

I must argue with some comments from my friend Dino Drudi in his recent letter to the editor, “One-party governance is harmful.” Whether a woman has an abortion or not has no effect on anyone outside her immediate circle. Not getting a COVID-19 vaccination, catching the disease and transmitting it to others whom the original unvaccinated person may not even know, is an entirely different matter. Drudi seems to suggest some equivalence.

Like Drudi, I lament that Alexandria is no longer a functioning two-party democracy. I’ve lived here since 1982, so I can remember Robert Calhoun and Carlyle Ring when they were Republican officeholders here. I mourn their recent deaths. They were both fine, honest public servants.

Despite being a life-long Democrat, I could recognize that.

The current Republican candidate for governor, Glenn Youngkin, belongs in an entirely different category. He has Trump disease. Just because he supports a marginally less restrictive abortion law than the one now enforced in Texas is not a reason to vote for him. Voting is easy here. The polls are already open. I recommend a vote for Terry McAuliffe.

-Katy Cannady, Alexandria