Your Views: Vote for Youngkin and Maddox

Your Views: Vote for Youngkin and Maddox
Courtesy photo After serving in the CIA, J.D. Maddox founded Inventive Insights, a consultancy firm.

To the editor:

As a veteran and Virginia voter, I write to strongly endorse both Glenn Youngkin for Virginia governor and J.D. Maddox for the Virginia House of Delegates. Both have demonstrated in word and deed a heartfelt dedication to the welfare of veterans and their families, their professional needs and personal health and welfare.

Each appreciates the value of veterans to our community and state and strongly supports the Youngkin plan to make Virginia the best state for veterans to live, work and raise a family in. In this plan, Youngkin commits to:

Eliminate state taxes on up to $40,000 in individual military pension benefits; double the number of veteran service officers to speed veteran access to the benefits they earned and deserve; establish a first in class digital hub to connect veterans to the resources, mentorship and community assistance they need; eliminate bureaucratic burdens and institute bridge programs to help veterans start businesses and thrive.

Youngkin has the leadership, business understanding and personal compassion to both rebuild Virginia’s economy and care for all Virginians. With legislative partners like Maddox, he would have the teammates to keep the promises he’s made to veterans. Vote for Glenn Youngkin and J.D. Maddox.

-Lt. Gen. Bob Wood, ret. Alexandria