Your Views: We need political diversity

Your Views: We need political diversity
Darryl Nirenberg

To the editor:

As a lifelong Democrat/independent couple, we typically vote for Democrats, but this year we will vote for one Republican – Darryl Nirenberg for City Council.

There are six Democrats running for council, and only one Republican. So, it will be a Democratic council. Nothing will change that. The real question is: Does it help to have someone with a different perspective in the room when decisions affecting all of us are made? We think the answer is a resounding yes. People with diverse backgrounds, interests and views around the table make better decisions.

As items come before council, Darryl, who is a Republican and a skilled lawyer, will see issues his Democratic colleagues will not and vice versa. He will be able to raise questions before decisions are made. It is why diverse voices lead to better choices and one of the reasons the two-party system has proven itself in this country over more than two centuries.

Darryl will naturally fill this role in a positive fashion. He has earned a reputation during his 40 years of involvement in public policy both on the Hill and in Democratic-leaning law firms as someone who reaches across the aisle to find common ground and produce results. He cares about our city and will seek to provide meaningful input and transparency on all issues brought before him.

Throughout his career, Darryl has taken to heart the admonition he received from the late Jack Kemp, who inspired Darryl to get involved in public policy and helped bring Darryl to Washington: “Keep the ball between the 40-yard lines.”

That is what we expect Darryl will do. Council and our city will benefit from having his approach – and a different perspective – in the room when decisions impacting our city are made.

-John and Margie Fehrenbach, Alexandria