Alexandria Film Festival 2021 Reviews: In search of ‘A Moment of Magic’

Alexandria Film Festival 2021 Reviews: In search of ‘A Moment of Magic’
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By Denise Dunbar |

We live our lives for that moment of magic. Not just when we look into another’s eyes and know that we’ve found a soulmate, because that doesn’t happen often nor for everyone.

“A Moment of Magic,” a 19-minute film with a cast of just two, the dazzling Claire (Becka Adams) and gorgeous Jazmine (Paige Annette), is about the lengths we go to in search of that tick of the clock when everything clicks and we lose ourselves, and our mundane everyday lives, in happiness.

“A Moment of Magic” shows the meticulous preparation Claire and Jazmine take for their night out on the town. The camera zooms in on each as they painstakingly apply lipstick, with their hair styled and wearing dresses that accentuate their beauty. Claire, who is always late, keeps her friend waiting downstairs in the car for 20 minutes while she finishes primping and takes a multitude of selfies until she finds the perfect one to post on social media.

As they drive to a club, Jazmine relates her boredom with her job and frustration at her mother’s attempts to help her find a husband. Claire likes her job but keeps getting work texts that she must respond to as they drive to the club.

There’s music throughout the film – as Claire dresses, as Jazmine drives, in the club they eventually enter – that sets the mood for the good time they seek.

Cut to the next morning, when the sun is rising and Claire and Jazmine sit together on a hillside, discussing the evening that just ended. Jazmine is disappointed that in the end it’s pointless, and she’s no closer to meeting “Mr. Right.”

Claire has a different take on the evening, and the movie culminates in her explanation of why it’s worth it to seek that magical moment.

“A Moment of Magic” was written and directed by Andrea Casadio and was produced by David Blackbird. The film was made this year in the U.S and is one of four movies in the Alexandria Film Festival’s “Superwomen Showcase,” along with “Libby,” “Ala Kachuu–Take and Run” and “Open Field.”