School Board sworn in during virtual ceremony

School Board sworn in during virtual ceremony
Alexandria School Board members W. Christopher Harris, Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi, Meagan Alderton, Tammy Ignacio, Kelly Carmichael Booz, Ashley Simpson Baird, Michelle Rief, Jacinta Greene and Willie Bailey were sworn in on Tuesday night.

By Olivia Anderson |

The incoming Alexandria School Board took office in a virtual induction ceremony on Tuesday night. 

The evening began with each member, separated by voting district, taking oath. District A includes newcomer Willie Bailey and incumbents Jacinta Greene and Michelle Rief. District B includes newcomers Ashley Simpson Baird, Kelley Carmichael Booz and Tammy Ignacio. District C includes previous Chair Meagan Alderton as well as two newcomers, Abdel-Rahman Elnoubi and W. Christopher Harris. 

Subsequently, Harris nominated Alderton, who served as chair on the board this past fall, as chair. In nominating Alderton, Harris highlighted her experience as an 18-year educator and praised her advocacy for ACPS students, communication skills and leadership through various challenges. 

Booz seconded the nomination and called attention to Alderton’s expertise in transitioning large, new groups of board members. 

“I’m glad to have Meagan, who has really guided this board during some really challenging times, help transition for this next year of our work we have to do, and we have a lot of work to do,” Booz said. 

Alderton was sworn in unanimously. 

Ignacio nominated Greene, who also served on the previous board, as vice chair. Ignacio said Greene’s service on the Commission for Women, passion for student equity and service on the Youth and Family Commission led to her decision.

“Ms. Greene is a dedicated School Board member. Serving is her passion, and I know that she will continue to fight for all of Alexandria’s children,” Ignacio said. 

Greene was sworn in unanimously.

Terri Mozingo was appointed as designee to the division superintendent, Susan Neilson as the clerk of the board and Shanel Hill as deputy clerk of the board. 

As required by the city, each board member then took turns reading sections from the Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct. 

Some of the 12 Code of Ethics clauses include putting loyalty to the welfare of the children and the School Division as a whole above loyalty to individuals, voting districts, particular schools or other special interest groups; ensuring the integrity of the actions of the School Board by avoiding granting special favors or unfair privileges to anyone or any entity; and reporting through appropriate means and channels, corruption, misconduct or neglect of duty whenever discovered. 

The induction ceremony, which doubled as a brief School Board operations meeting, also consisted of the approval of rules of order and by-laws and superintendent’s delegation of authority for financial functions. 

Finally, the board approved the 2022-2023 School Board meeting calendar. 

“You’re all officially welcomed to the Alexandria City School Board. Thank you for putting yourself out there, putting yourself forward to do what I believe to be the most important work on the planet, and that is educating young people,” Alderton said in closing. “It won’t always be easy, but it will be 100% worth it.”

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