Your Views: Council needs to focus on ‘kitchen table’ issues

Your Views: Council needs to focus on ‘kitchen table’ issues
Nov. 13 City Council public hearing. (Photo/Olivia Anderson)

To the editor:

When page 3 of one of the leading newspapers in the city of Alexandria is flooded with crime stories – and not merely crimes against property, but violent acts against citizens – such as in the Jan. 13, 2022, edition of the Times, one hopes that City Council will take a cue from the playbook of the winning candidate for Virginia governor in the recent election and focus on “kitchen table” issues, which include:

• Safety and support of law enforcement;

• Mental health resources;

• Education, not indoctrination, of children in our public schools;

• Affordability of housing and consumer goods, which is possible when we cut taxes and lower the burden on citizens and businesses.

Alexandria’s City Council has been attentive to the issue of affordable housing and is to be applauded for it. Moreover, their efforts during the pandemic to support small businesses were prompt and productive.

We look forward to seeing greater and more sincere effort on other kitchen table issues, lest more pages of the Times become flooded with crime stories.

-Lindsay Hutter, Alexandria