Your Views: Council should deny ParcView project

Your Views: Council should deny ParcView project
Photo/Cody Mello-Klein

To the editor:

I am a member of the Holmes Run Civic Association and am writing to express opposition to the ParcView project. The developer plans to add two additional buildings on a three-acre lot, which will add 227 units, and increase the number of apartments from 149 to 373. This issue will come before City Council for approval on Saturday.

Holmes Run Parkway is home to a diverse community of residents. We are also the most densely populated area in the most densely populated city in Virginia. Holmes Run Parkway is home to 449 units of income-based housing, otherwise known as affordable housing.

Holmes Run Parkway contains almost half of the Section 8 senior housing in the city.Why does it seem that the most vulnerable citizens are targeted by the most aggressive development? The elderly may not have the resources to object and those at ParcView may fear losing their housing if they protest.

ParcView residents will also be unable to park their vehicles in their parking lot once construction begins, which is estimated to last from 24 to 30 months. At this time, just where they will park their vehicles remains “to be determined.”

We and our neighbors are concerned about the impact this aggressive construction will have on neighboring condos, most of them at least 50 years old, especially after the Surfside tragedy in Florida where 98 people lost their lives.After an initial flurry of activity last July from Mayor Justin Wilson, it appears that no steps have been taken toward allaying the fears of occupants of aging buildings in this crowded corridor.

A recent incident occurred in Washington, D.C. in early January 2022, where residents of a house had to be evacuated in the aftermath of excavation taking place next door. Most, if not all, parking for current developments is underground, requiring the excavation of deep, underground parking levels.

There is robust opposition to the ParcView development, as demonstrated by the response to our petition, which will be presented to City Council prior to the Feb. 12 meeting. We are asking that council vote against this development.

-Sandy Buerlel, Alexandria