Your Views: Skill games are important to small businesses

Your Views: Skill games are important to small businesses
Photo/Cody Mello-Klein

To the editor:

There are times when Virginia state officials make decisions without thinking about the consequences to their constituents. Skill games are a prime example.

Some legislators don’t understand how important these games are to small businesses and want to end them. They would be making a mistake if they did. I count on the money I receive from skill games to help keep my restaurant open. The money goes toward my overhead, monthly bills and paying my staff.

These games are popular with my customers here in Alexandria, and I can tell you that when a judge said they could be turned on again in December – after the state forced them to be turned off in June 2021 – I had customers show up I had not seen in months. And they don’t just play the games, they buy meals and beverages. They increase their tips to staff.

A judge will decide in May what will happen with skill games. But lawmakers should pass legislation now to regulate and keep the games operating permanently. It is not only important for small businesses, but can provide millions of dollars in tax revenue for the commonwealth. –

-Jose Machuca, owner of Machu Pollo Restaurant, Alexandria