City expands gun and medication lock box distribution

City expands gun and medication lock box distribution
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As part of a statewide suicide prevention campaign, the city is making free gun locks and medication locking devices more broadly available through two new distribution methods, according to a news release.

The effort is a collaboration between the Department of Community and Human Services, the Alexandria Police Department and Clerk of Court Greg Parks, who was made aware of the program’s availability by Councilor Sarah Bagley. It aims to lessen the possibility of suicide by limiting access to lethal means within homes.

“I was pleased to partner with the city on this important effort. The locks are a significant tool to help prevent people in crisis and children from accidentally using firearms to harm themselves or others in their homes,” Parks said.

Individuals who apply, or have applied over the past year, for a new or renewed concealed carry permit for a firearm will receive gun locks with instruction cards. In just the last three years, 2,538 concealed carry permits were issued in Alexandria, with 666 being issued in 2019, 1,075 in 2020 and 797 in 2021.

Firearm and cable trigger locks and medication lock boxes will be available at the Court Office of the Clerk, 520 King St.; Alexandria Health Department and DCHS office 4480 King St.; and DCHS office at 2525 Mt. Vernon Ave.

For more information, visit the city’s website.