Your Views: Alexandria has a vibrant local democracy

Your Views: Alexandria has a vibrant local democracy
Alexandria City Hall. (file photo)

To the editor:

As a new resident to Alexandria, I take notice of community characteristics that might have become background or “the norm” to long-term denizens.

One trait of this city that stands out right away is the vibrancy of the local democratic activity.

Reading the numerous, detailed letters to the editor in the Alexandria Times about local issues, it is clear there are many ongoing public discussions about how to improve the area.

I attended the recent City Council budget hearing and was impressed by passionate residents who spoke to express views for policy change.

After the meeting, I reached out to say “hello” to Mayor Justin Wilson and a council member. Both responded to me personally.

I see a diverse, progressive elected municipal body, and there is also evidence, in newspaper advertisements and 2021 news of a competitive council race, of active local conservative movements as well. It is good for democracy to have competing views.

I am excited to live in a community that has robust, meaningful discourse and people who care about civics!

-Aaron Kohrs, New Alexandria resident