Your Views: Not a blessing

Your Views: Not a blessing

To the editor:

Responding to the Feb. 24 column “It’s the Democrats’ choice:” Contrary to the writer’s statement, many voters failed to be convinced that Glenn Youngkin was the governor that we need. A pesky fact is that he won by 79,000 votes, a margin of 2.4% out of the 3,238,258 votes cast.

Based upon his actions, many remain to be convinced that we have been blessed by his election.

The writer, Pete Benavage, seems affronted by those who openly criticized the governor for refusing to mask up. Benavage talks about making Virginia free again. Based on the governor’s comments and actions, that seems to include being free from safeguarding the health and safety of his fellow citizens by taking simple steps, such as wearing a mask and getting inoculated against the COVID-19 virus. Shall he continue to free us by opposing the polio, typhoid and smallpox vaccines? Shall we expand our freedom by doing away with seat belts?

Despite repeated failures, once again the concept of trickle-down economics is being pushed as a panacea. The writer fails to inform us that the Laffer Curve fails to use real numbers and makes false assumptions about spending decisions.

The writer claims that Virginia public school rankings have fallen into the cesspit under the evil Democrats. Yet the World Population Institute ranks Virginia fourth in the nation, while Texas, under longtime GOP control, ranks 43rd.

The writer fails to note that while he was elected governor, Youngkin has not yet been granted total powers and must learn to work with a Democrat-controlled State Senate.

-Robert Iacobacci, Alexandria