Arlington resident wins Republican nomination

Arlington resident wins Republican nomination
Karina Lipsman

Arlington resident Karina Lipsman earned the Republican nomination for the 8th congressional district at a delegate-styled ranked choice convention on Saturday.

Lipsman secured the nomination by capturing 61.5% of the votes, defeating challengers Kezia Tunnell, Jeff Jordan, Monica Carpio and Heerak Christian Kim.

Lipsman possesses an expertise in finance, holds a master’s in engineering from Johns Hopkins University and has worked in the national defense industry for a decade. She immigrated to the United States with her family from Ukraine when she was eight years old.

“I am completely humbled by this opportunity … It’s truly a testament to the American dream that I speak about often, that an immigrant girl from Ukraine can succeed in this country. … I want to secure that American dream for everyone in the district. I promise to be a representative for all, not just those who are registered Republican,” Lipsman said upon securing the nomination.

Lipsman’s campaign emphasized runaway inflation, public safety, schools and national defense.

She will take on incumbent Don Beyer (D-Va.) or Victoria Virasingh in the November election, depending on who wins the Democratic nomination on June 21.