Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly

Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly
Cherry Blossom PACE helps older adults remain independent and active in their community for as long as possible.

By Kate Cunningham

Cherry Blossom Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly has officially opened and is actively serving participants. A new medical and longterm care provider located at 1901 N Beauregard St., Suite 110, Cherry Blossom PACE is focused on enabling adults age 55 and over who need significant care support to remain independent and live in the community for as long as safely possible.

The organization supports its participants through an individualized care plan, developed by its interdisciplinary team in conjunction with the participant and his or her family caregivers. With an individualized approach, the interdisciplinary team, or IDT, is able to meet the needs of each specific participant. Services are tailored for each participant and include a combination of primary care, nursing, therapy, transportation, day center, nutrition, home care, social work and more.

Cherry Blossom PACE operates out of a new, 15,000 square feet physical center. Designed with seniors in mind, this warm and welcoming center combines the benefits of a primary care clinic, therapy and rehab space and a day center. Transportation is provided for participants to and from their homes to the day center, and while at the center, participants can socialize, eat a nutritious lunch and participate in engaging activities. Since the clinic and therapy spaces are collocated, participants can also see their providers and therapists as needed.

The organization also coordinates all medical care on behalf of its participants and families. This means that the burden of coordinating care across specialists, navigating the healthcare system, transporting to the appointments or identifying the right social supports are lifted from the shoulders of the families. Cherry Blossom PACE also provides home care in support of seniors who need help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing or grooming.

The team is experienced and passionate about serving older adults with needs. Many have years of experience supporting those with cognitive impairment such as dementia. They are excited and honored to have the privilege to support the Northern Virginia community. For more information, please call 571-789-0770 or visit the website at https://cherryblossom

The writer is executive director of Cherry Blossom PACE.