Your Views: Defend democracy

Your Views: Defend democracy
Former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama. (Photo/Briscoe Center)

To the editor:

During the Jan. 6 hearings, we’ve heard from former members of administration of former President Donald Trump and Republican state officials about how Trump and his allies worked together to try and overthrow our democracy because the 2020 presidential election didn’t go their way. Now, they’re working to make sure all of our elections go their way in the future, whether we vote for them or not.

Already, Trumpers in office have changed state laws to weaken our freedom to vote and threatened Republican election administrators who won’t go along with them. Now, they’re running candidates for key election administration offices, from secretary of state to county clerks. Should they win their elections this fall, these officials won’t hesitate to overturn future elections if they or their MAGA allies lose.

This completely undermines the tenets of our democracy. The only way we’re going to protect our elections is to fight back and make our voices heard.

We have to cast our ballots in the upcoming midterm elections. It’s up to us to hold election deniers accountable at the polls and elect democracy defenders up and down the ballot on Nov. 8.

-Michael Sanger, Alexandria, Fairfax County