ALX Kids: ‘If I were the teacher’

ALX Kids: ‘If I were the teacher’

If I were the teacher, I’d be cool
as a cucumber! I’d build a pool
so we could get on a floaty
and do math. I’d give plenty of
breaks for fun and activities.
I’d have math speed rounds
with plenty of prizes like
stuffed animals and toys. Our
field trips would be around
the globe while we collected
snow globes. As you can tell, it
would be a blast if I were your
teacher mainly because we’d
get to take a blast to the past!
Well there you go. Maybe you
should start thinking about
going back to school!
-Joshua, 11

If I were the teacher I would
let students have recess all
day because they deserve it in
a way.
The students get to choose
what classes they do to art
all day or surfing on a bay.
I would fill the library shelves
with comics and novels.
Students get to choose
what they get for lunch.
PE is only games
like every sport ever.
But going to school at Grace is
already great.
-Henry, 10

If I were the teacher I would
theme my room around
animals. I would have a
corner of my room dedicated
to reading. There would be
fun bean bag chairs, and
the bookshelves would have
different animals on them.
The desks would be placed in
the middle of the room, but
slightly staggered so everyone
could see. All of the desks
would face the front wall
which the smartboard would
be on. I would have a selection
of seats. My students would
get to choose between chairs,
wobbly stools, and chairs
with bean bags on them. I
would be a nice teacher, but I
would make sure my students
-Emily, 10

If I were a teacher, I would go
about, telling stories, of the
great drought.
History and animals would be
my thing.
I hope the kids would not
think of it as boring.
Whenever a holiday would
I would hear a thrum, thrum,
For across the hall,
the music teacher was having
a ball.
The children would dance,
sing, and shout,
hopefully they wouldn’t let
the wild things out.
Down the stairs, and through
the door,
the librarian was about to
She tore through the rows of
books, and books,
knocking down piles,
wherever she looked!
It was my duty, I realized,
to make this school what I
often saw idolized.
The horror was climbing
quicker than I had thought.
I looked at the book that I had
An idea struck me, and I threw
it down, down, down.
I was able to tuck my hands
over my ears,
as the scene revealed nicer
than it had appeared.
The ball continued, the
students not bored,
and the librarian back, with
her hoard.
-Heather, 10

If I were the teacher I would
make the desks as low as they
could go,
but I wouldn’t want to sit on
the floor or a board,
so I’d make them higher so I
don’t get fired.
Let’s hope my students don’t
get tired.
If I were the teacher I would
make the class neater, so I’d
add a heater!
-Mikey, 10

If I were the teacher,
Support would flow out of me
like a river
If I were the teacher,
My job would bring me all the
joy in the world
If I were the teacher,
My love for my students would
be more numerous than the
stars in the sky
If I were the teacher,
I would treat all students and
people equally
If I were the teacher,
I would help my students be
themselves and not force them
to be someone they were not
But I’m not the teacher, and I
cannot control,
How my teacher treats me and
the world
Yet I hope the perfect teacher
will emerge like the sun on a
rainy day,
And create a rainbow of
-Caroline, 10

If I were the teacher we would
have a bunny for a class pet.
I would also let the students
have stuffed animals on their
desks. I would have a huge
corner with bean bag chairs
and a wall full of books. Every
day a dog would run around
the room and the kids would
play with it. Everyday we
would move all the desks to
the side so we could watch a
movie. And homework would
be playing with a new toy
they got that day. They can

wear whatever they want
including pajamas. There
would be toys and games
everywhere for them to play
with. You can also bring toys,
blankets, pillows and stuffed
animals. There would still be
nap time and show and tell.
There is a wall of books and a
robotics wall which makes it
look like we are doing work.
And finally the day would
end with them getting toys,
cookies, brownies and candy
to take home. The students
would love it.
-Erin, 10

A pencil in hand
A blowing fan
The mid-autumn heat
The rushing feet
All to my classroom
Where knowledge is shared
In the classroom, where I the
teacher stand
Plants on a shelf
Potted by soil
Graphite on paper
Gray shaded landscapes
A clicking keyboard
A quick foreword
A lecture by me
Where the linguistic poet
-Maddie, 10

The writers are fifth grade students at Grace Episcopal School.