ASO to give away 100 free tickets

ASO to give away 100 free tickets
Alexandria Symphony Orchestra (Photo/P.J. Barbour)

By Kassidy McDonald

The Alexandria Symphony Orchestra will give away 100 free tickets for the concert on Nov. 12 for newly-arrived members in the community from Afghanistan.

The ASO has received $5,000 in corporate sponsorship from three area Walmart stores to be able to make this possible.

At the concerts on Nov. 12 and Nov. 13, two newly- arrived members of the Afghan community will join the ASO for both concerts. The first is Negin Khpalwak, former conductor of the all-female Zora Orchestra in Afghanistan, and the second is her husband Hamid Habib Zada, who will perform a tabla concerto.

The ASO will also be playing arrangements of songs by Ahmed Zahir – who was known as the “Elvis of Afghanistan” in the 1970s. In attendance will be his widow, who fled Afghanistan after his death and now resides in Alexandria. His daughter, who is making a documentary about her father’s life, will also be in attendance. She will be filming footage of the concert to use in her documentary.

For more information on the concerts and how to get tickets, visit https:// scheherazade/