Your Views: Lagging test scores

Your Views: Lagging test scores
(Chart/Jessica Kim)

To the editor:

The lagging proficiency rate of Alexandria City Public Schools’ Virginia Standards of Learning test scores should be a call-to-action for our community to come together to help our children.

One of the most effective ways almost anyone can help students is to tutor or mentor children.

The pandemic, which heightened socioeconomic disparities and separated students from needed instruction, has only furthered the need for individualized, in-person teaching. President Biden has responded to the pandemic-created academic gap by coordinating efforts to connect volunteer tutors with school districts. See more and sign up to help at

I have helped students at several Alexandria area tutoring services and there is a dire need for help, particularly for minority students. You do not have to be a calculus expert to help — tutoring can simply be reading a picture book to a first-grade student and asking them what certain words mean. You do not even need to work or volunteer at a tutoring center, you could simply volunteer a helping hand to your neighbor if you hear them mention their child is struggling in school or with homework.

Let’s come together for the kids!

-Aaron Kohrs, Alexandria