Sheriff warns of phone scammers

Sheriff warns of phone scammers
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By Kassidy McDonald

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office is alerting Alexandria residents about a recent phone scam where scammers pose as law enforcement asking for money.

According to a news release from the sheriff’s department, scams are all different but in many cases the caller may say they are a law enforcement officer and tell the victim that a warrant has been issued due to something like an overdue fine. They often threaten the victim by telling them they will be arrested unless they pay right away.

Scammers may disguise the caller ID by using spoofing, or making the call look like it is coming from a law enforcement agency or local police department. They will ask to be paid with money, credit cards, gift cards, payment apps or even cryptocurrency.

No legitimate law enforcement agency in Virginia or in the region will ever call someone and demand money, according to the release.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam call like this one, notify your bank and call the Alexandria Police Department at 703-746-4444.