DPC held new officers ceremony

DPC held new officers ceremony
New officers at the Departmental Progressive Club. Photo/Mark Eaton

By Mark Eaton | aboutalexandria@gmail.com

Alexandria’s Departmental Progressive Club installed new officers during a ceremony on Jan. 13.

In honor of its 96th year, the Black fraternal and community service club held the ceremony before a gathering of DPC members, city and state political leaders and city officials.

Former School Board member Christopher Lewis took over School Board member William Campbell’s position as DPC president, and Merrick Malone assumed the position of vice president. Campbell will move to the position of chair of the house committee, which oversees the club’s physical plant.

Longtime DPC member Lawrence Robinson presented a slideshow depicting decades of activities involving club members.

Referring to DPC members and community leaders of the past such as Ferdinand Day, Melvin Miller and Nelson Greene, Lewis said, “We stand on the shoulders of others.