None injured in Mia’s Kitchen fire

None injured in Mia’s Kitchen fire
Photo/Cal Simmons

By Olivia Anderson |

On Monday morning, a fire broke out at Mia’s Italian Kitchen in Old Town.

According to nearby residents, the fire led to a chaotic scene consisting of a large gathering of trucks and ambulances. One resident counted 35 firefighters, and another counted seven trucks.

“I was very impressed with how quickly the fire department responded and with multiple engines and firefighters,” Cal Simmons, a resident on the scene, said. “I was very thankful for the rapid response living in this neighborhood.”

No patrons were involved in the incident and no one in the kitchen was harmed, Alexandria Restaurant Partners Managing Partner Dave Nicholas said in a statement. He called the incident a “small, contained kitchen fire” that occurred before the restaurant opened for service.

“Safety is one of our top priorities, and our team is taking some additional time to review preventative measures,” Nicholas said.

Mia’s reopened for service on Tuesday.