SNAP emergency food benefits to end

SNAP emergency food benefits to end

By Olivia Anderson |

Next month will mark the last payment of emergency food benefits, leaving approximately 3,845 Alexandria households with a decrease in their SNAP benefits, according to a news release.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals receiving SNAP assistance received increased temporary benefits and anyone without health insurance could receive Medicaid, regardless of income or citizenship status.

But come March, those SNAP benefits and emergency Medicaid coverage will end, requiring recipients to undergo reevaluation of their eligibility.

According to the Department of Community and Human Services, approximately 6,549 city residents receiving Medicaid will lose coverage in the eligibility redetermination process.

The DCHS Benefits Division will mail a notice of action statement to all SNAP beneficiaries, with steps to appeal, and a notice to those no longer eligible for Medicaid, according to the release.

Affected Alexandrians are encouraged to email DCHS PublicBenefits@alexandriava. gov or call 855-635-4370 with any questions.