Homicide on East Reed Avenue

Homicide on East Reed Avenue
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By Denise Dunbar | ddunbar@alextimes.com

Alexandria’s Medical Examiner has ruled that the Feb. 17 sudden death incident on East Reed Street was a gun-related homicide. The Alexandria Police Department arrested Alexandria resident Junior Espinal Calix, 19, and charged him with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the incident.

The victim was 21-year-old Nabel Chávez.

A sudden death was reported on East Reed Avenue in an Alexandria eNews alert sent out at 3:31 p.m. on Feb. 17. This announcement came about 40 minutes after multiple police and emergency messages began referring to a shooting at 28 E. Reed Ave. The messages can be heard on the public site openmhz.com.

The first dispatch message came at 2:52.29 p.m. and referred to a shooting at 28 E. Reed Avenue, stating the cross street was Wilson Avenue.

At 2:53.07 p.m. an Alexandria police dispatch referenced a weapons violation, with one shot fired. “We possibly have a victim shot,” dispatch said. “Caller is being uncooperative at this time. We’re trying to get further information.”

A dispatch call at 2:53.33 said the caller on that line was unsure if there was a victim and reiterated that the original caller was being uncooperative. A 2:54.17 dispatch stated that a caller “is advising that his brother got shot in the head. We’re still trying to get further … ”

A 2:54.30 dispatch stated that “a 21-year-old male possibly shot a friend of his in the head.”

A 2:54.59 dispatch warned units responding to the East Reed Avenue shooting that the caller “is advising there are guns in the house. Use caution when responding. There’s supposed to be a 21-year-old male shot in the head.”

A 2:56.04 dispatch stated that a suspect in the shooting was in custody. “They have one in custody at this time. CSI unit to respond.”

A 2:56:32 dispatch said, “Units responding for East Reed, continue to stage. We’re still waiting for police response to arrive on the scene. It appears they were playing with a gun and it went off.”

At 2:56:44 a dispatcher asked, “Just confirm you have the suspect.”

At 2:58:09 a dispatcher said, “We need a trauma kit and medics can come in.”

At 2:58:29 p.m. a dispatcher said “Alexandria units for 28 East Reed, per police the scene is cold. You can respond in.”

At 3:22:46 an apparent medic unit reported that they were clear from East Reed. “You can place medic 205 in service,” the dispatch said.

The investigation is ongoing and APD asks that any witnesses with information regarding this incident to contact Detective Christine Escobar by phone at 703-746- 6819, email: Christine.Escobar @Alexandriava.gov or call their non-emergency number at 703-746-4444.