Your Views: Filling empty spaces

Your Views: Filling empty spaces
Photo/Cody Mello-Klein

To the editor:

I write today not with a complaint or an idea, but with a desire to learn. As we all know, the pandemic, the financial recession and other factors have taken a toll on our beloved Old Town. Many shops that were once bustling with customers are struggling or closed down completely. The ugly sight of brown-papered shopfronts and “For Lease” signs mar the once-lovely main streets of our town.

Now that the president is lifting the last of the pandemic precautions, what can or is being done to fill our empty shop spaces?

I’ve searched in local newspapers, asked around town at the other small businesses, and tried a few internet searches, but I can’t seem to find anything. The empty spaces along King Street are especially sad – the gaping windows in the old Francesca’s store, the old Gap and Banana Republic store, Gatsby Arcade and Tavern Square remind me of a once-vibrant community that, sadly, took a hit over the past few years.

I am proud to be an Alexandrian, and I know that we are resilient. Somehow, our town will be rejuvenated and interesting and useful businesses will fill the now-empty spaces. But for now, I’d like to learn if there are any plans in place to do so, or how I may learn more about those plans. I want to learn so that I may be more active in encouraging new businesses and so that I can patronize them as they open. Thanks to you all and see you around town!

-Caitlin Buchheit, Alexandria