Ting Internet is Bringing the Power of Fiber to Alexandria

Ting Internet is Bringing the Power of Fiber to Alexandria

By: Catharine Rice, community engagement manager for Ting Internet

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People are continuing to spend more time using the internet at home. With increased demand and time spent online, Alexandria residents need more from their internet service providers and Ting Internet is helping to meet that demand with fiber internet.

Why fiber internet?

First, we must look at the challenges of traditional cable internet. Current cable internet transmits data through copper-fiber hybrid wiring, which is prone to corrosion and is typically installed as a shared network with neighbors. Many who have conventional cable internet experience slower speeds and buffering during prime hours.

Unlike traditional cable internet, fiber is made of glass fibers, the size of a human hair, that transmit information using light beams. The use of light beams also means that the capacity of the fiber is infinite, and that makes this communication vehicle future-proof. Ting installs these fibers directly to a home or business. Doing this ensures fiber internet customers don’t share bandwidth, guaranteeing higher speeds and service reliability.

Ting is installing the fibers via a process called microtrenching. Microtrenching is an innovative technique that places the fibers directly underground, protecting internet connection during weather conditions such as flash floods and high winds.

In addition to the speed and reliability benefits, according to studies by the Fiber Broadband Association, if your home is connected to fiber optics, its value increases by 3%. Furthermore, if symmetrical gigabit-speed—when upload and download bandwidth is the same—is flowing over that fiber, its value increases by about 7%.

Coupled with the many benefits of fiber to the home, Ting is committed to becoming a genuine part of the Alexandria community. When Alexandria was named a Ting Town, Ting also pledged to invest deeply in the community, by bringing free, symmetrical gigabit internet to thousands of affordable housing units, select parks and a number of local nonprofits.

With Ting, Alexandria will be seeing a company that reflects the community’s values, one that prioritizes local. We think our Alexandria customers deserve an ISP who is honest, helpful, responsive and refreshingly human. That’s why we’re proud to support and champion local good works and invest in the Alexandria community.