Wedding guest attire for men

Wedding guest attire for men
Butcher Jacket in Navy Lightweight Canvas by Sid Mashburn.

By Elizabeth Todd

Wedding season is upon us and while we usually focus on what the women wear, it is time for us to think about men and this doesn’t have to be boring work. Since opening the men’s clothing store Yellow Jacket, I’ve come to realize how fun men’s fashion can be.

As the temperatures have warmed, the first spring events are back in full swing. Just as the office environment has become more casual for men, so have after hours events, parties and even weddings. Just look at Facebook or Instagram and you will see many grooms aren’t even in a tie!

A dress code for a wedding depends on the time of day and the location of the affair. These two bits of information will be your biggest guide in figuring out what to wear. If the wedding is black tie, the invite will say so. A tuxedo is also appropriate for an evening wedding, but a dark suit and tie works, too.

If the wedding is earlier in the day or at a destination like a beach, then it is time to show off your personal style. The question is usually whether to wear a coat or not. It is always easier to wear one and be safe. This spring there are more casual and less structured options available on the jacket

rack than ever before. My personal favorite is the Butcher Blazer by Sid Mashburn. It is a classic navy, but the fit is easy and comfortable, a little roomier and can be worn casually or dressed up with matching trousers.

This wedding season you can pair it with one of the great bright, colored shirts that are on everyone’s shelves. Menswear is getting in on the color game and outdoor weddings are the perfect time to wear a fun pink, purple or any brightly colored shirt. Should you wear a tie? Unless the invitation specifically states cocktail attire, to tie or not to tie comes down to the time of day. If a wedding takes place at an out- door location before 5 p.m., a tie is optional.

The great thing about style at weddings these days is that it is totally up to you except for a few boundaries: no shorts, no jeans and always a shirt with a collar. A navy blazer or similar sport coat is always a safe bet even if unrequired. A good rule of thumb if you’re still unsure of what to wear is to find out what the groom or groomsmen are wearing and follow suit – no pun intended.

The writer is the founder and owner of The Hive, The Shoe Hive, and Yellow Jacket.