Wearable florals: A floral artist on designs to don on your wedding day

Wearable florals: A floral artist on designs to don on your wedding day
Fresh florals become wearable art as hair combs. (Photo/Winnie Lee)

By Leslie Golden | lgolden@alextimes.com

Flowers have always featured prominently at the altar, as reception table centerpieces and as bouquets for the bride. Now flowers are being worn to engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and by the wedding party in way of jewelry, hairpieces and more.

Erin Lepore, owner and founder of floral design boutique Fleur & Feathers, turns flowers into formal accessories. Her designs can be worn as jewelry, as a headpiece or even as a temporary tattoo.

“I first began making flower crowns for friends on their birthdays. My friend Maura Burchette, who owns children’s boutique Monday’s Child, asked if I could produce some little floral crowns for clients who were buying first communion dresses for their daughters. Then I had another friend ask me to create a crown for her to wear to her rehearsal dinner. It sort of got the ball rolling,” Lepore said.

By incorporating natural elements like moss, branches and greenery with flowers, Lepore brings an ethereal quality to her designs. Corsages typically fashioned with ribbon are now attached to gold bracelets. Earrings can be dangling dahlias. A barrette is adorned with blush rosebuds.

“Floral hair pieces are nice for a flower girl. Bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom can mix it up with bracelets, necklaces or hairpieces,” Lepore suggested.

With a passion for design, color and textures, Lepore believes in merging flowers and fashion to elevate your look and spirit.

“I actually plant a lot in my yard. And I’m able to source the florals depending on the season. And then there are color schemes. I used purple anemones in a design and it was beautiful. In the fall, dahlias are always popular,” Lepore added.

Lepore has recently been making necklaces that match the bride’s bouquet to be worn at the reception.

“Brides love a floral necklace for the reception so that they don’t have to carry around their bouquet after the ceremony. I use the same flowers that are featured in a way to transition from the ceremony to the reception while still incorporating your floral scheme,” Lepore said.

And flowers have grown to cocktail adornments.

“I coordinated with caterer Charlene Dantzler-Henry of Charlene’s Kitchen to come up with a way to incorporate florals into the cocktail hour. We decided to do little stirrers that you can add to a drink. There really are lots of opportunities to work with caterers or event planners to find ways to bring flowers into the event in new and different ways. You can create the unexpected,” Lepore shared. 

There is an array of custom pieces that can make the entire wedding season bloom.

Lepore mused, “I love the idea of treating yourself to flowers. You feel good when you’re wearing flowers. And it feels nice to treat others. When a bride picks these creations out for their bridesmaid, I think that is just a little way of bringing happiness and goodness into the world.”