‘Sister Act’ soars: The ACHS production is captivating and hilarious

‘Sister Act’ soars: The ACHS production is captivating and hilarious
Cardin Babcock, Lillian Scharnweber, Ailinn Colarulli, Naeem Scott perform in ‘Sister Act.’ (Photo/MC Finegold-Sachs)

By Lily Israel 

The Alexandria City High School production of “Sister Act” was an absolute masterpiece.

Based on the beloved 1992 film, this musical tells the story of Deloris Van Cartier, a lounge singer with dreams of finally getting her big break until she witnesses a murder that puts her life at risk. She is placed in a convent where she believes she will never fit in, but she ultimately transforms the choir into a sensational act that even gets the attention of the Pope.

It is a story about friendship, sisterhood and the power of music. The talent displayed by every member of the cast and crew was simply extraordinary. It is clear that everyone involved poured their hearts and souls into making this production a success.

Lilac Haynesworth stars as Deloris. She brought incredible energy to the stage with her powerful voice and electrifying stage presence. Her entire performance was mesmerizing and she truly brought the character to life in a way that was both captivating and hilarious.

Naeem Scott’s portrayal of Eddie Souther was equally impressive. His flawless vocals and impeccable acting had the audience rooting for him from the very beginning. Lucas Trueblood’s performance as the unhinged mobster Curtis was also outstanding. His smooth voice was an added bonus.

Mary Roberts, played by Mariel Carr, had the voice of an angel. Her portrayal of the innocent and wonder-filled character was both heartwarming and inspiring. The vocal blending in this production was off-the-charts amazing and it was clear that every member of the cast put in countless hours of hard work to achieve incredible results.

Student Director Abigail Gerstein deserves a special shout-out for the creativity and ingenuity she brought to the production. Her vision for the show was awe-inspiring. She was able to bring out the best in every member of the cast and crew.

The ACHS stage crew also deserves a round of applause for their incredibly smooth transitions and creative diversions of attention. The sets created by Helen Russell, Nora Malone and Abigail Gerstein were terrific. The audience was transported to another world. Finally, Virginia “Jesse” Jones’ lighting brought the whole show together. At times, her lighting offered a comedic release.

The ACHS production of “Sister Act” was a true triumph. It is clear that everyone involved worked hard to make it a success. This production had the audience laughing, crying, hooting, hollering and at the end clapping in a wild standing ovation. Everyone involved should be incredibly proud of what they accomplished.

The writer is a student at the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program.